Disparities and Barriers to Pediatric Cancer Survivorship Care

Project Summary Title and Description

Disparities and Barriers to Pediatric Cancer Survivorship Care
Objectives. Survival rates for pediatric cancer have dramatically increased since the 1970s and the population of childhood cancer survivors (CCS) exceed 500,000 in the US. Cancer during childhood and related treatments lead to long-term health problems, many of which are poorly understood. These problems can be amplified by suboptimal survivorship care. This report provides an overview of the existing evidence and forthcoming research relevant to disparities and barriers for pediatric cancer survivorship care, outlines pending questions, and offers guidance for future research. Data Sources. This technical brief reviews published peer-reviewed literature, grey literature, and key informant interviews to answer five guiding questions regarding disparities in the care of pediatric survivors, barriers to cancer survivorship care, proposed strategies, evaluated interventions, and future directions. Review Methods. We searched research databases, research registries, and published reviews for ongoing and published studies in CCS to October 2020. We used the authors’ definition of CCS; where not specified, CCS included those diagnosed with any cancer prior to age 21. The grey literature search included relevant professional and non-profit organizational websites and guideline clearing houses. Key informants provided content expertise regarding published and ongoing research, and recommended approaches to fill identified gaps. Results. In total, 110 studies met inclusion criteria. We identified 26 studies that assessed disparities in survivorship care for CCS. Key informants discussed subgroups of CCS by race or ethnicity, sex, socioeconomic status, and insurance coverage that may experience disparities in survivorship care and these groups that experience disparities were supported in the published literature. Key informants indicated that major barriers to care are providers (e.g., insufficient knowledge), the health system (e.g., availability of services), and payers (e.g., network adequacy); we identified 47 studies that assessed a large range of barriers to survivorship care. Sixteen organizations have outlined strategies to address pediatric survivorship care. Our searches identified only 27 published studies that evaluated interventions to alleviate disparities and reduce barriers to care. These predominantly assessed approaches that targeted patients. We found only eight ongoing studies that evaluated strategies to address disparities and barriers. Conclusions. While research has addressed disparities and barriers to survivorship care for childhood cancer survivors, evidence-based interventions to address these disparities and barriers to care are sparse. Additional research is also needed to examine less frequently studied disparities and barriers and to evaluate ameliorative strategies in order to improve the survivorship care for CCS.
Authors of Report
Erin M. Mobley, Ph.D. Diana J. Moke, M.D. Joel Milam, Ph.D. Carol Y. Ochoa, M.P.H. Julia Stal, B.A. Nosa Osazuwa, B.A. Maria Bolshakova, B.S. Jai Kemp, B.A. Jennifer E. Dinalo, Ph.D. Aneesa Motala, B.A. Drizelle Baluyot, B.A. Susanne Hempel, Ph.D.
Methodology description
Systematic Review
Report can be found here: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK568475/ and https://effectivehealthcare.ahrq.gov/products/pediatric-cancer-survivorship/research Data was entered into this project prospectively.
Funding Source
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

Key Questions

1. Guiding Question 1. What are the disparities in survivorship care for pediatric cancer survivors?
2. Guiding Question 2. What are the barriers to survivorship care for pediatric cancer survivors who experience disparities?
3. Guiding Question 3. What are proposed strategies for addressing those barriers?
4. Guiding Question 4. What published and unpublished studies have assessed these strategies?
5. Guiding Question 5. What are future directions for research in addressing barriers to survivorship care for pediatric cancer survivors?

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