Recommendations for decision and simulation modeling

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Recommendations for decision and simulation modeling
Purpose: We aimed to update and expand previous syntheses of evidence- and consensus-based guidance on decision and simulation modeling using a systematic review-driven stakeholder-led process.
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Data sources: We searched MEDLINE, the Cochrane Methodology Register, the Health Technology Assessment Database, and the NHS Economic Evaluation Database (through October 30, 2012) Study selection: We selected articles presenting evidence- or consensus-based recommendations for the conduct and dissemination of decision and simulation modeling.
Prospective entry of data. Report publication (final citation pending): Dahabreh IJ, Chan JA, Earley A, Moorthy D, Avendano EE, Trikalinos TA, Balk EM, Wong JB. Modeling and Simulation in the Context of Health Technology Assessment: Review of Existing Guidance, Future Research Needs, and Validity Assessment. Methods Report No. pdg. (Prepared by the Tufts Evidence-based Practice Center under Contract No. HHSA 290 2007 10055 I.) AHRQ Publication No. XX-EHCXXX-EF. Rockville, MD: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. <Month Year>.
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AHRQ Contract No. HHSA 290 2007 10055 I

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