The shortcomings of cluster-randomized controlled trials for the assessment of complex interventions in general practices: a systematic review

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The shortcomings of cluster-randomized controlled trials for the assessment of complex interventions in general practices: a systematic review
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PMID: 29111470
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This review will be funded by German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (FKZ: 01KG1504); approval date: 05/2015

Key Questions

1. The primary objective of the study is to assess outcomes and methodological bias when cluster randomized controlled trials are used to examine complex interventions versus routine care in a general practice setting, irrespective of the disease, by: Summarizing the evidence from c-RCTs to describe the distribution of estimates of treatment effect with respect to direction (in favour of the complex intervention or the routine care treatments), magnitude (size of the effect) and statistical significance (or confidence interval). Evaluating how frequently complex interventions in c-RCTs are shown to be statistically superior to routine care. Exploring the extent to which methodological (e.g. power calculations and intraclass correlation coefficients (ICC)) and other factors (e.g. ethical approval, sponsorship) might explain differences in the distribution of c-RCTs that reach or do not reach statistical significance.

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