Tonsillectomy for Obstructive Sleep-Disordered Breathing or Recurrent Throat Infection in Children

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Tonsillectomy for Obstructive Sleep-Disordered Breathing or Recurrent Throat Infection in Children
We anticipate this report will be of primary value to organizations that develop guidelines for tonsillectomy, to clinicians who provide care for children with indications for tonsillectomy, and for families making treatment decisions. Children who are candidates for tonsillectomy may be treated by clinicians including pediatricians, otolaryngologists, sleep medicine physicians, allergists, family physicians, anesthesiologists, infectious disease physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and nurses. This report supplies practitioners and researchers up-to-date information about the current state of evidence and assesses the quality of studies that aim to determine the outcomes and safety of tonsillectomy.
Authors of Report
Methodology description
Working from the nomination, we drafted the initial key questions (KQ) and analytic frameworks and refined them with input from key informants representing the fields of pediatrics, otolaryngology, anesthesiology, and sleep medicine. We also spoke with a caregiver representative. We also developed population, interventions, outcomes, timing, and settings (PICOTS) criteria for intervention KQ. We identified technical experts on the topic to provide assistance during the project. The Technical Expert Panel (TEP), representing the fields of pediatrics, otolaryngology, anesthesiology, infectious disease, and sleep medicine, contributed to the AHRQ’s broader goals of (1) creating and maintaining science partnerships as well as public-private partnerships and (2) meeting the needs of an array of potential users of its products. Thus, the TEP was both an additional resource and a sounding board during the project. The TEP included eight members serving as technical or clinical experts. To ensure comprehensive retrieval of relevant studies of therapies for children undergoing tonsillectomy, we used three key databases: the MEDLINE® medical literature database via the PubMed® interface; EMBASE (Excerpta Medica Database), an international biomedical and pharmacological literature database via the Ovid® interface; and the Cochrane Library. Search strategies for KQs applied a combination of controlled vocabulary (Medical Subject Headings [MeSH] and Emtree headings) to focus specifically on tonsillectomy and harms of interventions. Team data extractors shared the task of initially entering information into the evidence tables. A second team member also reviewed the articles and edited all initial entries for accuracy, completeness, and consistency. A senior reviewer reconciled disagreements concerning the information reported.
Data entered retrospectively into SRDR. Outcome data and demographics data files have been uploaded.
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Key Questions

1. In children with obstructive sleep-disordered breathing (OSDB), what is the comparative effectiveness of tonsillectomy compared with continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP), or watchful waiting with supportive care (including pharmacologic treatment) to improve sleep outcomes, cognitive or behavioral outcomes, and health outcomes? KQ1a. In children with OSDB and neuromuscular or craniofacial abnormalities, what is the comparative effectiveness of tonsillectomy compared with CPAP, or watchful waiting with supportive care (including pharmacologic treatment) to improve sleep outcomes, cognitive or behavioral outcomes, and health outcomes? KQ1b. In children with OSDB under age 3 years, what is the comparative effectiveness of tonsillectomy compared with watchful waiting with supportive care (including pharmacologic treatment) to improve sleep outcomes, cognitive or behavioral outcomes, and health outcomes? KQ1c. In children with OSDB and Down syndrome, what is the comparative effectiveness of tonsillectomy compared with CPAP, or watchful waiting with supportive care (including pharmacologic treatment) to improve sleep outcomes, cognitive or behavioral outcomes, and health outcomes? KQ1d. In children with OSDB who are overweight or obese, what is the comparative effectiveness of tonsillectomy compared with CPAP, weight loss, or watchful waiting with supportive care (including pharmacologic treatment) to improve sleep outcomes, cognitive or behavioral outcomes, and health outcomes? KQ2. Among children with recurrent throat infections, what is the comparative effectiveness, including harms, of tonsillectomy compared with watchful waiting with supportive care (including pharmacologic--antibiotic or non-antibiotic--treatments) on the number and severity of throat infections, quality of life, and health care utilization? KQ3. Do benefits and harms differ between partial tonsillectomy and total tonsillectomy? KQ4. Do benefits and harms differ by surgical technique (e.g., cautery, coblation)? KQ5. What are the benefits and harms of adjunctive perioperative (i.e., preoperative, intraoperative, or in post-anesthesia care) pharmacologic agents intended to improve outcomes? KQ6. What are the benefits and harms of postoperative (i.e., after discharge from post-anesthesia care and up to 10 days post-surgery) pharmacologic agents intended to reduce pain-related outcomes?

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