Assessment Tools for Palliative Care

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Assessment Tools for Palliative Care
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First, we engaged Key Informants representing both patient/caregiver and provider/researcher perspectives to help guide the project. We then sought systematic reviews of palliative care assessment tools and applications of tools through searches of PubMed, CINAHL, Cochrane, PsycINFO and PsycTESTS from January 1, 2007 to August 29, 2016. We conducted supplemental searches of information on palliative care tools, including comprehensive reviews published prior to our date limitation, Web sites, and a targeted search for primary articles to identify tools where no recent high-quality systematic review was identified. We organized tools by the eight domains (subdomains) from the National Consensus Project Clinical Practice Guidelines for Palliative Care: structure and process, physical, psychological and psychiatric, social (caregiver), spiritual and religious, cultural, care at the end of life (bereavement), ethical and legal; as well as a ninth domain for multidimensional tools (quality of life and patient experience).
Report not yet published. Data entered retrospectively via importing existing word documents from the final report. Uploaded files contain data on supplemental search results, palliative care tool (tool) characteristics, measurement characteristics, psychometric properties of tools, population and setting characteristics of tools ROBIS assessments, reference files. This was a technical brief, not a systematic review.
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Key Questions

1. Guiding Question 1: In each of the palliative care domains, what palliative care assessment tools exist and have been evaluated in palliative care populations and/or settings?
2. Guiding Question 2: What is the state of current research on the reliability, validity, responsiveness, and usability of these assessment tools?
3. Guiding Question 3: What data exist regarding the application of these tools specifically in clinical care, as quality indicators, or for evaluation of interventions?
4. Guiding Question 4: What are the key gaps in tool development and evaluation and what are the opportunities for future research?

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