Management of Acute Diverticulitis

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Management of Acute Diverticulitis
Purpose of the Review The American College of Physicians (ACP) nominated the topic of management of acute diverticulitis to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality for systematic review. 45, 46 The ACP develops guidelines based on the needs of its members and the internal medicine community.47 The scope of the current systematic review was developed to support the ACP in its effort to create a new clinical practice guideline that will address diagnosis and staging of acute diverticulitis, nonsurgical treatment of acute diverticulitis, colorectal cancer screening in people with a history of diverticulitis, and interventions to prevent recurrence of acute diverticulitis. Specifically, (1) the systematic review will summarize existing systematic reviews on the test accuracy of CT imaging for diagnosis and staging of acute diverticulitis and conduct a de novo review of harms related to false positive, false negative, and incidental findings on CT imaging for suspected acute diverticulitis; (2) it will address effectiveness, comparative effectiveness, and harms of hospitalization for acute uncomplicated diverticulitis, antibiotics use for acute complicated or uncomplicated diverticulitis, and interventional radiology techniques for acute complicated diverticulitis; (3) it will review the benefits and harms of colonoscopy in people with a history of diverticulitis; and (4) it will evaluate pharmacologic, nonpharmacologic, and elective surgical interventions to prevent recurrent diverticulitis. Of note, this review will not evaluate the need for, or the choice of, surgery for the patient with acute diverticulitis. The intended audience includes guideline developers, clinicians and other providers of care for patients with diverticulitis, healthcare policy makers, and patients.
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1. KEY QUESTION 2 KQ 2: What are the benefits and harms of various treatment options for the treatment of acute diverticulitis? KQ 2a. For patients with acute uncomplicated diverticulitis, what are the effectiveness and harms of hospitalization versus outpatient management of the acute episode? • Do the effects and harms vary by patient characteristics, presentation or course of illness, or other factors? KQ 2b. For patients with acute uncomplicated or complicated diverticulitis, what are the effects, comparative effects, and harms of antibiotics? • Do the effects and harms vary between patients with complicated or uncomplicated diverticulitis? • Do the (comparative) effects and harms vary by route of administration of antibiotics, type of antibiotic, and duration of course of antibiotics? • Do the (comparative) effects and harms vary by patient characteristics, presentation or course of illness, or other factors? KQ 2c. For patients with acute complicated diverticulitis, what are the effects and harms of interventional radiology procedures compared with conservative management? • Do the effects and harms vary by patient characteristics, presentation or course of illness, or other factors?
2. KEY QUESTION 4 KQ 4: What are the effects, comparative effects, and harms of pharmacological interventions (e.g., mesalamine), non-pharmacological interventions (e.g., medical nutrition therapy), and elective surgery to prevent recurrent diverticulitis? • Do the (comparative) effects and harms vary by patient characteristics, course of illness, or other factors?
3. KQ 3: What are the benefits and harms of colonoscopy (or other colon imaging test) following an episode of acute diverticulitis? KQ 3a. What is the incidence of malignant and premalignant colon tumors found by colonoscopy, and what is the incidence of colon cancer mortality among patients undergoing screening? KQ 3b. What are the procedure-related and other harms of colonoscopy or CT colonography? KQ 3c. What is the frequency of inadequate imaging due to intolerance or technical feasibility? • Do the benefits and harms vary by patient characteristics, course of illness, or other factors?
4. KQ 1: In CT imaging for the diagnosis or staging of acute diverticulitis, KQ 1a. What is the test accuracy of CT imaging for the diagnosis or staging of acute diverticulitis? KQ 1b. What are the effects of CT imaging on clinical outcomes and changes in clinical management? KQ 1c. What are the downstream outcomes related to false positive or false negative CT readings of acute uncomplicated or complicated diverticulitis KQ 1d. For patients presenting with acute abdominal pain, with the possibility of acute diverticulitis, what are the downstream outcomes related to incidental findings (e.g., liver mass) • Does the accuracy or do the effects vary by patient characteristics, presentation of illness, or other factors?

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