Characteristics of Existing Asthma Self-Management Education Packages

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Characteristics of Existing Asthma Self-Management Education Packages
This Technical Brief identifies the components that comprise asthma self-management education (AS-ME) packages used in the United States, and examines, compares, and organizes their key characteristics and available research to enable a better understanding of current practice and future needs.
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The final report can be accessed on the AHRQ Effective Health Care site at: Data for this project were entered into SRDR retrospectively.
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Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

Key Questions

1. What are the characteristics of asthma self-management education (AS-ME) packages, and how do they vary?
2. What is the context and implementation of AS-ME packages?
3. What is the current evidence addressing AS-ME packages?
4. What future research is needed to close evidence gaps regarding AS-ME packages?

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