IPMP (Integrated Pain Management Programs)

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IPMP (Integrated Pain Management Programs)
Pain affects millions of adults. It impacts physical and mental function and is influenced by multiple factors (e.g., age, sex, comorbidities, and psychosocial factors). Optimal pain management should address biopsychosocial aspects of pain. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has been directed to evaluate ways to improve Medicare coverage and payment for pain treatment, particularly through formal pain management programs. Our review assesses the effectiveness and harms of pain management programs that address multiple aspects of pain. The intended audiences for this review are the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and other stakeholders including clinicians, policymakers, patients, and their caregivers, and researchers. This review is part of the Dr. Todd Graham Pain Management Study and was sponsored by CMS.
Authors of Report
Andrea C. Skelly, Ph.D., M.P.H.; Roger Chou, M.D.; Joseph R. Dettori, Ph.D., M.P.H., M.P.T.; Erika D. Brodt, B.S.; Andrea Diulio-Nakamura, Ph.D.; Kim Mauer, M.D.; Rongwei Fu, Ph.D.; Yun Yu, M.S.; Ngoc Wasson, M.P.H.; Shelby Kantner, B.A.; Shay Stabler-Morris, B.A
Methodology description
Systematic Review
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Key Questions

1. What are the effectiveness and harms of integrated or comprehensive pain management programs for Medicare beneficiaries with complex acute/subacute pain or chronic, nonactive cancer pain? Population subgroups of interest include those with disabilities (including ESRD), prior substance use disorder, psychological co-morbidities (including suicidal behaviors), and degree of nociplasticity.
2. Have any of the following factors been evaluated and/or shown to impact outcomes in studies of comprehensive or integrated pain management models? A. Treatment delivery including session formats (group, one-on-one), duration, intensity and frequency of sessions, number of sessions; general structure and scope of sessions; B. Treatment components (e.g., medication review and/or management, including transition from opioid to nonopioid medications; psychological support or mental health services; physical reconditioning, such as physical therapy and occupational therapy; use of complementary and integrative medicine treatments; patient education; use of medical procedures or devices); C. Care provision (i. Care coordination methods or decision support, ii. Provider types involved, iii. Personalization, care pathways); D. Program characteristics (i. Program emphasis/goals, ii. Target population, iii. Referral sources, iv. Staffing characteristics (e.g., turn over)).

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