Extraction form for project: Screening for Glaucoma in Adults - 1 of 2

Design Details

1. Study design

Sample Characteristics

1. N
2. Baseline population

Risk of Bias Assessment

1. Random assignment
2. Allocation concealed
3. Groups similar at baseline
4. Eligibility criteria specified
5. Blinding: outcome assessors or data analysts
6. Intention-to-treat analysis
7. Reporting of attrition, contamination, etc.
8. Differential loss to followup or overall high loss to followup
9. Appropriate analysis including cluster correlation
10. Funding source
11. Randomization adequate?
12. Allocation concealment adequate?
13. Groups similar at baseline?
14. Eligibility criteria specified?
15. Outcome assessors masked?
16. Care provider masked?
17. Patient masked?
18. Attrition and withdrawals reported?
19. Loss to followup differential/ high?
20. People analyzed in the groups in which they were randomized?
21. Quality

Suggested Arms

Comparator drug
No drug/placebo
No screening or delayed screening
Total All arms combined

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Suggested Outcomes

TypeDomainSpecific measurement (i.e., tool/definition/specific outcome)
CategoricalVision disorder
ContinuousHarm/adverse event
ContinuousQuality of live

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