Acute Pain Updates

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Acute Pain Updates
Data for three surveillance reports for the 2020 report Treatments for Acute Pain: A Systematic Review ( The 2020 report addressed benefits and harms of opioid, nonopioid pharmacologic, and nonpharmacologic treatments for specific types of acute pain (low back pain, neck pain, other musculoskeletal pain, neuropathic pain, postoperative pain [excluding inpatient management of pain after major surgical procedures], dental pain, pain due to kidney stones, and pain due to sickle cell disease). Given the clinical and public health importance of this topic, it is important to identify new evidence that could impact practice or policy. The purpose of this update was to identify new evidence published since the original 2020 report, and to determine how the new evidence impacts the findings of the original 2020 report.
Authors of Report
Roger Chou, M.D., FACP Jessica C. Griffin, M.S. Ian Blazina, M.P.H. Eli Schwarz, D.D.S., Ph.D., M.P.H. Chandler Atchison, M.P.H. Kim Mauer, M.D.
Methodology description
Systematic Review
The data was entered prospectively using SRDR+'s data abstraction function and templates. Final reports can be found here:
Funding Source
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

Key Questions

1. KQ1: Acute back pain (including back pain with radiculopathy)
2. KQ2: Acute neck pain (including neck pain with radiculopathy)
3. KQ3: Musculoskeletal pain not otherwise included in KQ1 or KQ2 (including fractures)
4. KQ4: Peripheral neuropathic pain (related to herpes zoster and trigeminal neuralgia)
5. KQ5: Postoperative pain (excluding inpatient management of pain following major surgical procedures)
6. KQ6: Dental pain (surgical and nonsurgical)
7. KQ7: Kidney stones (including inpatient management)
8. KQ8: Sickle cell crisis (episodic pain)

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Title Authors Year
A randomized controlled trial of oxycodone/acetaminophen versus acetaminophen alone for emergency department patients with musculoskeletal pain refractory to ibuprofen. Friedman Benjamin W, Irizarry Eddie, Feliciano Carmen, Izzo Albert J, Borrayes Lester, Restivo Andrew, Costa Vincent, Bijur Polly E 2021
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Efficacy and safety of two fixed-dose combinations of tramadol hydrochloride and diclofenac sodium in postoperative dental pain. Desjardins Paul, Alvarado Fabian, Gil Martha, González Manuel, Guajardo Rogelio 2020
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