Screening for Eating Disorders in Adolescents and Adults: An Evidence Review for the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force

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Screening for Eating Disorders in Adolescents and Adults: An Evidence Review for the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force
Authors of Report
Cynthia Feltner, MD, MPH Christine Peat, PhD Shivani Reddy, MD, MS Sean Riley, MA, MSc Nancy Berkman, PhD Jennifer Cook Middleton, PhD Casey Balio, PhD Manny Coker-Schwimmer, MPH Daniel E. Jonas, MD, MPH
Methodology description
Systematic Review
Web address: PubMed ID: 35344311 Data was entered into this project retrospectively. Links to Download Appendices and Evidence Tables:
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Key Questions

1. Does screening for eating disorders in adolescents and adults improve health outcomes, including for specific subgroups of interest?
2. What is the accuracy of primary care–relevant screening tools for eating disorders in adolescents and adults, including for specific subgroups of interest?
3. What are the harms of screening for eating disorders in adolescents and adults, including for specific subgroups of interest?
4. How effective are interventions for improving health outcomes in screen-detected or previously untreated adolescents and adults with eating disorders, including for specific subgroups of interest?
5. What are the harms of interventions for eating disorders, including for specific subgroups of interest?

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