Infection Prevention and Control for the Emergency Medical Services and 911 Workforce

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Infection Prevention and Control for the Emergency Medical Services and 911 Workforce
Johns Hopkins University Evidence-based Practice Center
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J. Lee Jenkins Ed Hsu Anna Russell Allen Zhang Lisa M. Wilson Eric Bass
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Systematic Review
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Key Questions

1. 1. What are the characteristics, incidence, prevalence, and severity of occupationally-acquired exposures to infectious diseases for the EMS/911 workforce?
2. 2. What are the characteristics and reported effectiveness (i.e., benefits and harms) in studies of EMS/911 workforce practices to prevent infectious diseases?
3. 3. What are the characteristics and reported effectiveness (i.e., benefits and harms) in studies of EMS/911 workforce practices to recognize and control (e.g., chemoprophylaxis, but excluding treatment) infectious diseases?

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Title Authors Year
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