Breast Reconstruction After Mastectomy

Project Summary Title and Description

Breast Reconstruction After Mastectomy
This systematic review will assess the surgical breast reconstruction options for women who are undergoing (or have undergone) mastectomy for breast cancer. Specifically, the review will address: (1) the (comparative) benefits and harms of IBR and AR (Key Question [KQ] 1) (2) the (comparative) benefits and harms of timing of IBR and AR in relation to chemotherapy and radiation therapy (KQ 2) (3) the (comparative) benefits and harms of various options for IBR (KQs 3, 4, and 5) (4) the (comparative) benefits and harms of various flap types for AR (KQ 6).
Brown Evidence-based Practice Center (Project Lead: Ian Saldanha, MBBS, MPH, PhD)
Authors of Report
Ian Saldanha, Wangnan Cao, Justin Broyles, Gaelen Adam, Monika Reddy Bhuma, Shivani Mehta, Laura Dominici, Andrea Pusic, Ethan Balk
Methodology description
Systematic Review
Not yet available
Protocol available here: The data for this project were entered into SRDR+ prospectively.
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Key Questions

1. KQ 1: IBR vs. AR
2. KQ 2: Timing of IBR and AR with respect to a) chemotherapy and b) radiation therapy
3. KQ 3: Types of implants for IBR
4. KQ 4: Anatomic planes for IBR
5. KQ 5: Use of ADMs during IBR
6. KQ 6: Different flap types for AR

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