A Descriptive Analysis of the Scientific Literature on Meteorological and Air Quality Factors and COVID-19

Project Summary Title and Description

A Descriptive Analysis of the Scientific Literature on Meteorological and Air Quality Factors and COVID-19
Descriptive systematic literature review from epidemiologic perspective of studies assessing influence of environmental and meteorological factors on COVID-19 transmission and severity.
Authors of Report
Amanda V. Quintana, MPH Meredith Clemons Krista Hoevemeyer Ann Liu, PhD, MPH John Balbus, MD, MPH
Methodology description
Systematic Review
Data were entered into this project prospectively using SRDR+'s built-in data abstraction function and templates.
Funding Source
This research was supported, in part, by the NIH, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.

Key Questions

1. Was the study peer reviewed?
2. What health outcomes were used as proxies for COVID-19 transmission?
3. What environmental and meteorological factors were studied?
4. What were the data sources for health variables?
5. What were the data sources for the environmental and meteorological factors?
6. How did study design affect results?
7. What are the critical potential confounding factors for COVID-19 transmission studies?
8. How did the inclusion of potential confounding factors affect the results?
9. What environmental and meteorological factors were associated with COVID-19 transmission or severity?

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Short-Term Effects of Ambient Ozone, PM(2.5,) and Meteorological Factors on COVID-19 Confirmed Cases and Deaths in Queens, New YorkAdhikari, Atin; Yin, Jingjing2020/06/05
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Sunlight exposure increased Covid-19 recovery rates: A study in the central pandemic area of IndonesiaAsyary, Al; Veruswati, Meita2020/08/10
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